[Training video] How To Master Difficult Conversations

Have you ever had a frustrating conversation? Or have the same conversation over and over again without making progress?

Whether you're experiencing a roadblock with someone at work or a loved one at home, mastering how to get your needs met through communication is essential to your overall happiness and well-being.  

After all, according to research, relationships are the biggest predictor of our happiness - above and beyond our health, wealth, and success. 

We'll be pulling from the latest research in Positive Psychology and also strategies from Non-Violent Communication.

By the end of the session you'll be able to:

  • Script out the conversation you've been avoiding so you can speak up confidently

  • Understand why people act so irrationally  

  • Avoid taking things personally and see the bigger picture

  • Stand in your power instead of acting out guilt or obligation

  • Learn how to reach a resolution where you thought there was none

  • Listen deeply and detect what's really being said

  • Put an end to passive aggressive communication and get real RESULTS

Stella Grizont