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Let me help you by asking you the right questions. The kind that will cut through the clutter in your mind and expose your truth and innate wisdom. YOU GOT THIS. It's just that there may be stuff (beliefs, patterns, behaviors, etc) in the way that keeps you stuck or unclear.  I'll guide you, step by step, and reference tools from positive psychology, leadership science, neuroscience, and coaching along the way. We'll keep it simple and doable so you're never overwhelmed.  Relief, joy, excitement, energy, clarity, confidence - is on the way. 

"On the way to work two days ago I cried in the car out of happiness. I’m learning new things and having so much fun and my life feels good for the first time in 10 years. I never get the depression blues on Sunday evenings thinking: oh God, I’ve got work tomorrow."

- B. H., Washington, D.C.


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