The most powerful way to end a presentation

Ever give a presentation and have no clue how it was really perceived?

Was Bob emailing or taking copious notes? 

Did my supervisor, Sally, understand the implications I was making? 

What face is David making? Is that his resting, "I'm-intrigued-face?"

Sure, it's okay if people say, "good job," but sometimes you wonder...are you just being nice?

Well, if you ever have to give a presentation or lead a meeting, do this one thing to wrap it up! 

It will not only engage people, get your stakeholders to appreciate your work, but you'll also hear specific feedback on your impact.

And there are some cool reasons it works based on what behavioral economists call "Peak-End Theory" - which YOU MUST learn about if you don't already know it. 

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what, if anything, resonated with you!



Some of you have been asking what I'm up to and where I'm traveling. Here's what's going on this November. 

TOMORROW,  November 9th at 1pm (online for Happify) - please join, it's free!
How To Master Difficult Conversations

November 19th in Oakland, CA for Limmud
The Science of Happiness: What it Means To Live The Good Life

And earlier this month...

November 2nd at The World's Largest HR Conference with BambooHR

How to Thrive Despite Toxic People (I'll try to share the recording if they let me)

November 3rd
Conducted a Team Culture Workshop for the exciting healthcare startup, Sensely


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