The Hidden Dangers of Goal Setting + My Gift to You

Hello wonderful,

Whether or not you like New Year’s resolutions, there’s something to be said for a new year presenting us with an annual opportunity for reflection.

But I see way too many people making innocent mistakes when gearing up for New Year’s—probably because no one ever explained how to create goals (the everyday word for “resolutions”) that make us happy.

Answer these three questions:

1. Did you make a resolution because you want more of something? Like, is your goal to be more physically active, more connected to your family, making more money, etc.?

2. Do your resolutions sound reasonable to you, as in things you "should"be doing anyway?

3. Were any of your resolutions another version of ones you’ve made before (ahem)?

Careful how you answer. Because a YES to any of the above could be a slippery slope.

See, we often set goals from a mindset of inadequacy and/or fear. Which almost always sets us up for failure...and feeling like we're constantly chasing something.

So how do you set goals (make resolutions or whatever you want to call them) that will set you up to truly thrive?

First, you have to be able to HEAR yourself.

Not always easy. Do you sometimes feel like your inner voice speaks only in whispers? Or that it's hard to differentiate between the different voices in your head? You’re like, “Wait, is that my inner wisdom, my mom, my husband, society, my inner critic (aka, fear)…what????”

Sound familiar?

I’ve been where you are, and I can help you hear yourself so that you’re setting goals that will truly fulfill you.

I’ve devised a 5 part system, which will ensure that the goals you create are ALIGNED with what you really want so that you don’t end up disappointed or feeling like you’re not enough.

This is my gift to you: Let's talk. For a full HOUR. My treat.

Sign up for your free hour session now. Spots are limited!

I can help you learn to avoid making some huge mistakes with your year ahead.

I mean, if you're going to do some reflection and expend the energy thinking about goals (and most likely lots of time and money trying to achieve them), you might as well learn to do it right! Right?!

When I help you, I know it’s not just about you – but about the people you impact, that you work with, that you love. I know when we talk - you'll leave with clarity, a greater sense of confidence about what to do and how to do it, and your peacefulness will cascade beyond you to your universe...which means we're all doing something to help the world be a better place. Which is one of my top values.

If you've been with me for a while, you know I periodically offer complimentary 30-minute phone sessions throughout the year. But I've never offered a full hour focused on walking you through the steps to help set you up for success. And I won’t be offering it again.

This is your one shot! I will not be offering this session at ALL at any point later this year.

Sign up for your free one hour strategy session here.

Til next time, here’s wishing you a beautiful New Year, one in which you're shining your brightest!



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