How To Feel More Zen with Eric Klein

Hey Everyone!
Has this ever happened to you: You sit down to meditate but are so focused on figuring out the 
purpose of your meditation that now you’re too stressed to meditate? Yeah, well, me, too! But 
that’s only one of the reasons I know how meaningful you’re going to find this week’s conversation. 
My guest, Eric Klein, is one of those rare individuals as renown in the spiritual community as in 
the business world. That’s because for the past two decades, Eric, a meditation master teacher, 
has pretty much made it his business to enlighten the workplace through his company, Dharma 
Consulting, and his books, such as the bestselling, Awakening Corporate Soul: Four Paths to Unleash 
the Power of People at Work. 
Let me give you just three of the insights I took away from our talk:
• Nothing is a total loss. Even when things don’t turn out the way we expected, there is still 
everything to gain from the experience. As long as we’re paying attention. The key is learning to be 
open to the unpredictable and be able to notice all that’s offered in the present outcome. 
• Inaction can be more important than always taking action. We’re conditioned to think that 
problems get solved by constantly doing and fixing. But if you think about where real breakthrough 
ideas come from, you’ll realize it’s once we let go and give our minds a break!
• The secret to habit-forming meditation? Keep it effortless. It’s better to meditate for even a few 
minutes with no effort than for more time but “forcing” it. Oh, and practice makes perfect. As with 
anything that improves by practicing, meditation is also a matter of developing consistency.
Enjoy! I know you will - I personally got a ton out of this interview. And I’d love to know what in our conversation truly resonated with you. Let me hear from you! Just leave a comment or drop me a line!