How To Access Your Creative Genius with George Zisiadis

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If you’re like me (and I have a sneaking suspicion that you are!), you’re always wishing for more and greater creativity. Well, get ready to have your wish granted by this week’s video chat with George Zisiadis. 

 George, who hails from San Francisco (which just may be the capital of Creativity these days), modestly calls himself an “interactive artist and designer,” but I am here to tell you that he is also one of the most creativepeople on the planet—no exaggeration! Which is why I am so excited to share with you his inimitable advice for “cracking the code” on creativity

And the best part? All of his suggestions and ideas are totally doable, even for us mere mortals. In a way, that’s George’s whole point: that we are all capable of creative genius, of increasing the number of “Aha!” moments we have. How empowering—and reassuring!—to hear that new ways of looking at the world are always available to us. 

George basically breaks it down into reframing how to see and process things (kind of like putting on a different and more innovative pair of glasses) and how to focus on being in the present at all times, instead of so often being preoccupied with “other” stuff.

Okay, I have a feeling some (many?) of you are thinking, “Sounds easier said than done,” and this is why I’m so excited for you to jump on the videoBecause George doesn’t discuss creativity in the abstract; he actually spells out what he himself does to “channel” his incredible creativity

It starts with letting go and clearing the mind every day. Of course, we all know either from personal experience or from friends how beneficial meditation is for achieving this. George practices an unexpected approach, and describes a 10-minute mind-quelling morning ritual not only gets the creative juices flowing but it also eases worries and anxiety! 

When he talks about brainstorming, he makes free association sound truly freeing! There’s no censoring of your ideas in the conceptual stage. In fact,research shows that the best ideas come from people with the most ideas.(Bumper sticker, anyone?!)  

And saving the best for last, wait till you hear George discuss how he can take an otherwise daunting challenge and reimagine it as something exciting to tackle. (Talk about putting on a different pair of glasses….) I’m telling you, this week’s chat is like a special rush course in transcending the traditional. 

After you watch the video, you’re going to want to check out George’s new book,Urban Imagination, which is an imaginative compilation of 50 whimsical ideas and illustrations that explore how to make cities more fun. I promise you, you will never see your city quite in the same way again!

Prepare to be inspired!


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