You can't flourish ALL the time

Everyday I pass a row of trees outside my building. These trees have been bare since I moved in. How do you tell a bare tree from a dead one? They kinda look the same. Recently I was looking up and noticed a leaf blowing in the wind. At first I thought it was a remnant - a lone and frail survivor. Then I looked closer and noticed it was green! It’s ALIVE it’s ALIVE!!! The tree was beginning to bloom. 

Isn’t so cool that something which seemed barren, dead, hopeless for so many months - meanwhile had all this magic brewing within? There’s no way you could see it from the outside. 

Our work, our relationships, our creativity, our lives - everything really, has its season, too. Sometimes you can’t tell but there’s a lot of work happening below the surface - beyond your awareness.

But unlike the weather, our ideas, our work, our relationships, our lives aren’t as predictable in their seasonality. So what do you do if you’re experiencing a hard winter:

  1. Know that winter doesn’t last forever.
  2. Remember that winter has a purpose - it’s a resting time preparing for blossoming.
  3. Befriend your winter days - savor them while they last, find at least three things a day you can appreciate.


While we're all familiar with a metaphor of seasons, most recently science is also investigating the rythms of our lives in a emerging field called Chronobiology. "Chronobiology is the biology of time, or the study of internal biological clocks. Biological clocks are found at all levels in living organisms. They range from oscillations found in nerve cells on the millisecond scale to oscillations in minutes, hours, days, and years in a variety of organisms and tissues."   


Here’s to all of YOU - at ALL times. 


Much love,