Embodiment and Self Love with Jay Fields


I spoke with Jay Fields, author of "homebody yoga, 28 days to bring you home to your body & to a life led with purpose," and got real heart centered around how to deal with discomfort, how to self love, and how to set your new year intentions. Enjoy this video with a cup of tea - it's about 30 minutes. In the meanwhile, here are some of my favorite insights: 

  • Self love is presence. It's allowing yourself to be and feel whatever is true for you in the moment.
  • Notice how you like to give and receive love - how can you apply that for yourself. Take the 5 love languages quiz to gain more insight. 
  • When you set your intentions for the New Year, be mindful around what's motivating those intentions. Is it fear? Is it from a place of not being enough? Are you trying to achieve something because it will have an impact on how others view you. Instead, consider what "quality" or "feeling" you want to have more of in the New Year.  

Wishing you all a bounty of joy in 2014,