Introducing the I SCREAM Truck

I'm excited to announce that we've launched a new project, the I SCREAM Truck. The I SCREAM Truck was inspired by a few of my own personal melt-downs (general stress from feeling overwhelmed, too busy, too much work, etc). Upon feeling totally stressed out I just wanted to scream, shake myself out, and slam. One day I just did it - while alone in my apartment. And DAMN did I feel so much better and lighter. But I must admit, I couldn't help but feel self conscious and restricted - wondering if my neighbors heard me. 

That's when the idea hit me. Why not create a private place for New Yorkers to fully express whatever they're emotionally experiencing? Between the crappy economy, job uncertainty, and always being "on"  - people are more stressed out then ever. So why not give them a way and a place to deal?  

Since money is the #1 source of stress for Americans and work is #2 according to the APA 2011 report on stress- I thought we should start off with a truck so we could park outside of offices everywhere. 

We recently did a test launch on July 22nd and discovered some interesting insights that are helping us evolve the truck.

1. People loved the I SCREAM Truck even if they weren't that stressed to begin with. They found the experience helped them relax even deeper. Great! 

2. Even for those who don't like to scream, the process was cathartic and kind of exciting. Awesome.

3. It's important for there to be total privacy and no sight of the outside world. So no lights coming through cracks - and sound proof. Got it!


We've taken things up a notch and will be at our round 2 version of the I SCREAM Truck for NYC's Summer Streets festival. If you're around, join us for a private 10 minute quickie for free - you'll leave a new human being. We'll on 25th & Park from 7am-1pm on August 4th, 11th, and 18th.

Come be one of our first screamers and tell us what you think about the process.