Shooting Guns is Good Failure

Have you heard of the phrase, "Ready, FIRE, Aim?"  It's a play on the phrase: "Ready, AIM, Fire." Ready, FIRE, Aim essentially means that you get into the zone of doing, do, and then course correct once you've actually acted. Many people get stuck in the aiming and never fire. It's the drive for perfection, for getting it right that actually leads to what I call "bad failure." Let me just pause here with a major disclaimer: I believe that all failure is indeed AWESOME -how else do you learn? But there are different types of failure: "Good Failure" is the kind you embrace before it happens, while "Bad Failure" is the kind that you try to avoid at all costs. 

Ready, FIRE, Aim is a strategy to achieve Good Failure at worst, and amazing success at best. A mantra that many successful businesses and entreprenuers live by, Ready, FIRE, Aim has nothing to do with skills, resources, or time. It's purely about having the guts to be wrong...or at least not perfect. It's about valuing momentum over calculation.  It also happens to the be driving force of nature, of children, and all things creative.  Evolution is evidence of nature creating and course correcting.  Imagine if nature was anti-mutation...we'd be extinct! Or, imagine if every time a baby went to walk it decided, "naah, I'd rather wait..I don't feel like falling."

You probably not only get the point here, but know it all too well. As do I. But I'm writing this damn post because I personally need to be reminded of it. ALL THE TIME. Like NOW. This post is secretly for me.  What you don't know is that I've been meaning to write my official welcome blog post for over a month.  But I've been putting it off, waiting until I had the time to write the bestest post eva'. 

So here it is. I fired! It's probably full of typos. No where near how GREAT it could be if I just spent another 30 days thinking about it. But, it's done. And now, I can share it. Now I can course correct. Now I have momentum that will can lead me in new directions (or at least more posts).

So welcome. Welcome to WOOPAAH! Where we courageously march into the unknown, live alive, play with possibilities, create as we go, and have an f'in good time doing it all.   This blog, as is every step we take, I hope, serves as a microsmic extension of our values and our mission to not only inspire you - but to give you access to your living your biggest life, your most awake existence, your most creative everything.  

Here's to celebrating good failure and experiencing explosive growth.

Much love,




Shooting is Good Failure

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