Work Happiness Method™

An 8 week coaching program to end the dread.

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What is it?

I have a feeling I know where you're at (because I've been there). And, the good news is...there's hope. And you don't have to quit your job or go meditate on a mountain top! I've developed an eight week program called The Work Happiness Method™ just for you, if you...

  • Feel burned out and don't care like you used to

  • Work hard but aren't tapping your true strengths or potential

  • Don't feel passionate or motivated anymore

  • Want to do something more meaningful

  • Think your friends and family are tired of hearing you complain

  • Feel like you’re always compromising and making sacrifices

"I really would recommend this particular work for people who are feeling like they can’t change their situation. Or quite literally anyone who feels “stuck” which I think we all do sometimes. Since I did this work I’ve noticed that I have been doing a LOT of new things that I would never have done before. I have started projects I was too afraid to do when I was stuck. Sometimes I really surprise myself with some of the things I’m doing. And it’s kind of amazing."

- Kelly L., Albany, NY



After 8 weeks, you'll be singing a different tune.Here's what you can expect will be different...you'll:

  • Feel excited and energized for your day - and in control over your emotions and mind-set
  • Be extremely aware of what's most important to you so than you can make focused, confident, and quick decisions
  • Know exactly what to ask for and have a script prepared for how to ask for it
  • Have a plan for the year with goals that bring you alive (and don't overwhelm)

Check out Luis' experience: He overcame depression, discovered his purpose, and has found deep fulfillment through The Work Happiness Method(TM) Program. 


"I didn't end up quitting and now I love my work. I was ready to quit my job and even leave money on the table—equity that I worked so hard to earn. I didn't like my team, I wasn't feeling challenged, and I was working crazy hours...it was unbearable. But I didn't know exactly what I wanted. Enter Stella. In six weeks she helped me get clear on my values and also gave me the courage to ask for what I wanted. I'm still at my company but on a new team and loving it—and I got to keep my equity!"

- Sales Manager, Salesforce


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