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Life is too precious to waste being bored (or miserable) behind the desk.

Our mission is to transform angst on the job to engagement. Boredom to excitement. Friction to peace. Confusion to clarity. You get the point. We work with individuals (the over achiever types) and with companies who care about their employees. The truth is: happier employees are 3X more creative, 30% more productive, and 40% more likely to get promoted within the next year. Plus, customers like them better!

And here's the real deal: life just sucks if most of one's waking hours are spent somewhere they're beginning to question, resent or dread. It doesn't have to be this way... let me help you figure out a better way.  

Start by talking to Stella to learn more about The Work Happiness Method™and to identify the right solution for your team or organization. 


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The Work Happiness Method™



Dealing with negative vibes in the office? Noticing your employees aren't giving 150% like they used to? Is your gut telling you they're a flight risk?

This isn't about adding ping pong tables (although those are awesome). 

The Work Happiness Method™ is a training and coaching program designed to help high performers who are losing that special sparkle. This will help each person take control of their own happiness so they re-engage with renewed enthusiasm. Really.