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"Stella, thank you, thank you, thank you... for keeping me in check when I start to stray from my real hopes and goals. I'm eternally grateful that I found you and that you are the person you are. Working with you has changed my life for the better! And you continue to inspire me to do things I never thought possible."

- Founder, Content Marketing Consultancy

"Now, there's no turning back - I'm moving towards my dreams. Before I started to work with Stella I was miserable at work but too scared to admit that I wanted to switch industries. Technically I was making great money with nice benefits and everything in my personal life was good - but I felt totally lost. She helped me embrace the passion I’d be hiding since college - and I’ve never felt more confident about the direction of my life."

- Michelle G.

"I’ve had a couple of situations where something I really wanted didn’t happen. Rather than ruining my entire day or week (which is what used to happen), I’m able to deal with it and go try to have fun with the rest of my day."

- Angel C., Sacramento, CA

"When I began working with Stella, everything that had felt certain in my life was coming down around me: my boyfriend of 5 years left me, a teaching job in the Bronx was causing me to question the career and my identity, and I was caught in a downward spiral of self-sabotage–attaching to painful thoughts about my past and hurtful narratives about my future. I found myself living separate from reality and in a ugly relationship with myself. Under Stella's mentorship, I used this sadness as a source of momentum. All of a sudden life had my attention. During this period of great uncertainty and transition, I learned how to be a student of myself. Newfound awareness led to action.

The Work Happiness Program helped unveil patterns in my mindset that were painful and limiting. During the first class, Stella talked about choice: each of us gets to choose where we point the camera in any given scene. There was a profound shift in my attitude towards my life when I was able to say, "I'm open to seeing this differently." At first it might seem crushing to recognize that your experience is entirely your responsibility. So, you're saying I create this mess each day? But, the truth is that this fact alone, that it's your choice, is the most liberating truth we can land on. I went from taking blame to taking responsibility.

With an open mind, Stella then pushed me to get granular with the quality of being that I want in my life, while still honoring myself in the present moment. The Work Happiness Program gave me concrete tools to articulate the experience I want while remaining open to my experience as it's unfolding now. The Work was never about denying my current experience, nor was it about taking a 180 degree turn towards something different. It was about learning how to be a fuller version of myself in the present moment, so that I could widen what is possible in my future. Instead of constricting around an idea of what I want (the job, the relationship, the apartment, etc.), I manifested the habits of mind and qualities of life that fill me up, and this process illuminated blind spots and expanded my field of vision.

- Elementary School Teacher, New York City

"When I first started working with you I was a bit panicked and obsessed with trying to figure out my passion and what's next. I'm feeling a lot more at ease. Even though I still have more answers to figure out - I now know there are lots of options that will make me happy and I don't have to wait to start living that now."

- Director, NGO

"I started to work with Stella because I needed a career change and a focus on what my purpose is. In the past I had a tough time working with a coach who could really listen and cut to the chase of my needs. I needed someone to see me for who I am and not what they thought was a good plan.

We’ve only been working together a short time, but I’ve already made several changes to get my confidence back. I’ve joined a networking group, and have committed to volunteering regularly with my son. I’m creating space to work on my own business. She has helped me shed light on what matters to me and helped me appreciate my authentic self, which was huge.

After a session with Stella, I am eager to take action. She helps share and inspire ideas, which really helps me think bigger than I would have on my own! Her support and energetic personality gives me gives me greater assurance in myself to keep moving forward.

- Artist & Graphic Designer

"You are so great at what you do and I absolutely want to continue coaching with you so that I can refine and clarify my intentions, design goals around them and feel happy and successful as a business owner, wife and mom."

- Jen H, Restaurant and Bar Owner

"Overall, I have feel great - more energy, happy, less anxious.

I think the best word to sum up the last 8 weeks for me would be "clarity". After I did my values work, it became clear to me why I have become depressed in the past. And I also feel like I have a clear path forward - I feel less lost about how to navigate the job search ahead. And I feel like I have the tools to help me overcome any future episodes of depression/anxiety. I feel confident about the future now, vs feeling overwhelmed, scared, and uncertain."

- Physical Therapist

"I stopped getting caught up in my emotions.

No one wanted to join my team; we’d be looking for months. After my first session with Stella I changed how I communicated with others and channeled my emotions at work. Within a week, someone approached me and asked if they could apply to work with me. "

- Head of Talent, Fortune 500 Media Company

"Wow, Stella. Your question stopped me dead in my tracks. I just realized this week how much I’m doing what I don’t want to be doing. But I’m ready for it to stop. I’ve never had this clarity before."

- Founder, Healthcare Startup



"I would have Stella back to speak X 1,000!"

- Lead UX Designer, Google

"I love the very tangible ideas we have that we can take back and implement immediately!"

- Director of Training & Development, Genentech

"We’ve worked together for 12 years but it’s only in the last two hours that I feel like I really got to know everyone in this group - on an authentic human level."

- VP of Sales, Fusion - io

"You gave THE BEST workshop we've had for the women's leadership event. People still come up to me two years later and talk to me about it!"

- Leader of Product, Comcast

"Agreeing to a team purpose was HUGE and will make it easier to prioritize and collaborate now."

- Marketer for Ad Tech Company

"After your course I had one of the most productive weeks I've ever had a work. It was easy to apply your tools everyday.""

- UX Lead Designer, Google

"This was the best talk at the conference."

- Analyst, Genentech

"Next time I notice myself comparing myself to others - I’m so going to think of your story. That was a breakthrough for me!"

- Bamboo HR Conference Attendee

"I just love how you present, there’s something so calming about you. I just feel better. Thank you!"

- Brand Strategist, Digitas

"I still can’t believe how you got those two teams to talk to each other…that was a legendary moment. I really didn’t think you’d be able to pull that off."

- CMO, Tech Company