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In executive coaching, you set the agenda. And if you're not quite sure about your specific goals or what you need to shift, I can help you clarify them. Executive Coaching arrangements can be set for two months or six months depending on your needs. Here are some examples of outcomes. You can learn how to better...

  • Deal with intense interpersonal issues with more confidence and calm

  • Choose and work on the projects you're most excited about that leverage your strengths

  • Support the development, engagement, and motivation of your team with intention, skill, and ease

  • Conduct more effective one-on-one's so everyone is aligned, growing, and moving towards their goals

  • Make more deliberate, thoughtful decisions instead of reactive ones

  • Enhance your executive presence and stand in your power

  • Communicate clearly and develop alignment with your team, organization, and end user

  • Skyrocket your productivity while experiencing more space for personal time with those you love

  • Earn what you're worth!

  • Be more YOU

Meet coaching client, Sara: She transformed how she talks to employees, earned a 15% raise, and has never felt more in control of her own happiness.


"Iā€™m a better leader, employee, and person all around. I struggled with delegating so I ended up working late and spending less time with my family because I couldn't let go. With Stella's help I was able to identify some limiting beliefs I had about success and within a few weeks made a big shift. Now delegating feels natural and I'm focused on the work that I should be doing."

- COO, Financial Organization

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