Employee Retention

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Dealing with negative vibes in the office? Noticing your employees aren't giving 150% like they used to? Is your gut telling you they're a flight risk?

This isn't about adding ping pong tables (although those are awesome). 

The Corporate Work Happiness Method is an 8 week coaching program designed to help high performers who are losing that special sparkle. This will help each person take control of their own happiness so they re-engage with renewed enthusiasm. Really.  

Nury used to cry in her car before work. Now she LOVES her job. 

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"I just talked to my boss. I would have never done it if it wasn't for you, Stella. I would have never known what to ask for and I can't believe the conversation went so well. It's only been 24 hours and I got put on another project and finally have the autonomy I've been craving! I'm so relieved. I didn't think this was possible and was convinced that I'd have to leave."

- Director of Research, Academic Testing Organization


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