Dream Job Design

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READY TO listen to your heart? Cuz this isn't about finding just another job. This is for you if you're:

  • Seriously considering a new role, job, or career that brings you ALIVE and you want to make it happen within the next 12 - 18 months (or sooner)

  • Not certain about what you want, but you know you want it to be GOOD and feel meaningful

  • Doubting your gut and having a hard time trusting your instincts and in need of a system to organize your thinking and desires

  • Not willing to give into fear or to settle for just another job - you want this to be a conscious move  (not a desperate one)

  • Ready to stop letting your job negatively impact your life

  • Done with using half your brain and your talent to do stuff that doesn't make a difference

  • So over killing yourself for projects that go unappreciated or just not used because of politics

  • You've hustled your whole career and now is your chance to choose a path that really brings you alive

  • Tired of just having a blah experience day after day, even if things aren't so bad, they could be better! You're ready to start living your dream!

Meet coaching client, Michelle: She proves it's never too late to live your dreams, leaving her career in healthcare to pursue her passion in fashion!


Imagine feeling creatively challenged and like you're bringing out your best. After experiencing the Dream Job Design coaching program, you'll be...

  • Clear on what ignites you and how to turn that into a career you love

  • Confident about your direction

  • Resilient and more in control of your emotional state, ready to take on any challenge

  • Effectively networking so you're not wasting time or feeling awkward!

  • Prepared to share your story in a compelling, charismatic way that attracts potential employers, partners, and co-workers

  • Aware of your boundaries and decisive - knowing when to say YES and NO to opportunities

  • Excited to share your resume because it reflects how awesome you are and speaks to your desired path  

  • Through with limiting beliefs about what's possible and break through any repeating patterns that hold you back so you can move forward FREELY



"Instead of spending my time commuting, attending meetings about meetings, and trying to appease the loudest voices in the room, I now regularly get to yoga, and spend my working hours on my sunny deck collaborating with clients I enjoy."

- Media Consultant


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