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Five Steps to Optimism: The A,B,C's to life

A) Identify the Activating event

 ex: My breakfast meeting cancels, I have problems with the bank, I'm running late, a cabbie give me attitude.

B) What was the resulting Belief or inner thought dialogue?
ex: I'm having bad luck. 
C) What were the emotional and behavioral Consequences?
ex: A downward spiral of self judgement, anger, and frustration. 
D) Dispute irrational thoughts or beliefs
ex: This is just one morning. I've had many successes that I'm proud of and have navigated worst days. In fact, many of my bad days often turn out to be awesome in the end. 
E) What are the Effects of interpreting the incident differently?
ex: I can have an awesome day regardleess of what happens! 


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