How to make the best out of a crappy situation

Sometimes things don't seem to go my way and it's hard to understand.... "why, why is this happening to me?"

This last year my family and I were hit with a number of health scares and it sent me to my knees.

To help give me a crack of light, a sliver of peace, a drop of lemonade from the dozen of lemons I was dealt, here's what I did and continue to do.

I ask myself questions to help me see the situation from a different perspective. It may take me time to go from pissed, sad, resentful, or whatever I'm feeling to an ounce of curious. But when I get there, it sounds like this:

  1. What is this situation here to teach me?

  2. If in some unimaginable way, on some unconscious level, I actually chose this, what could be the gift in this?

  3. How can I show up for others and myself in the noblest of ways?

I spoke in more detail about this a few weeks ago in The Work Happier Weekly segment... check out the quick video now for more tips. (By the way, are you subscribed to my youtube channel so you don't miss a show?)

Here's to more sweet days,

I love my job!

This Fall I'm teaching The Work Happiness Method™ to a hospital and I'm speaking about how to prevent burnout and be resilient, how to stop feeling like an imposter, and how to thrive despite lots of change to a number of organizations including:

  • Etsy

  • Cigna

  • Happify

  • Steel Partners

  • Lee Health

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She lives in New Jersey with her husband and daughter, who continue to teach her what life is all about.

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