My Belly Bulge + How to Empower Yourself


Even before I was pregnant with Linor, people would stop me and ask, "How many months are you?" 

"I'm not pregnant," I'd reply.

I'm so over being upset with people. I get it... I'm a small person who, depending on the outfit and what I had for lunch that day, could easily look like she's baking a 12-week bun in the oven.

Now, after having a real baby, that situation hasn't improved.  

When my trainer asked me what's up with my belly fat, (no offense taken, again), I said, "I've always had a belly, and I had a baby."

Now, as much as I love me for that sweet self-acceptance and lack of judgment (which has taken decades to muster)... I got a glimpse of an unconscious developing story that I've been whispering to myself, many times a day, for that past three and half years.  It sounds like this:

"I just don't have the energy to do it all - to work out, eat well, look hot, be a great mom and run a thriving business. I was never a skinny girl so this is just how it is now."

But that story is not totally true. Yes, I often feel tired. Yes, I'm still carrying 10-15 pounds of the 60 I gained when pregnant. Yes, I'm not always pleased when I look in the mirror. Yes, I worry about being great in all domains. 

BUT, it's also true that I created an entire team to help me take care of myself, my business, and my family. I now regularly work out with a trainer, do yoga and physical therapy, and get massages. I meditate. I eat mainly whole, organic, unprocessed foods. I take my vitamins. And I have better work boundaries than I've ever had my entire life.  

I realized that I could be more self-empowering if I just chose to repeat a different story about myself to myself.  So lately, this is what I'm reprogramming the whispers to sound like:

"I'm the kind of person who takes great care of herself and who has an abundance of energy to share. My body is strong, healthy, and vital and my life is beautiful and rich!"

Even though the belly is still there (for now) - I notice that I feel better and make better decisions when I remind myself of that new story. 

Now it's your turn. 

Fill in the blank with a positive statement about the kind of person you are (even if it's been a while or you're that not person 100% of the time): 

I'm the kind of person that...

Here are some examples to get you going: I'm the kind of person that... is an authentic leader, is creative, is kind to others, listens well, takes good care of myself, has great boundaries, makes wise financial decisions, knows how to have fun, practices being in the moment, etc.

It's inevitable that your mind will find a way to whisper how you're not enough of something... but, you don't have to believe it. Just choose to remind yourself of just how wonderful you really are. 

With love,


Stella Grizont