Ego getting in the way? My latest Forbes article + a gift

Do you compare yourself to others and then find yourself feeling like crap for a few hours or maybe even day?

Is your self-talk anything but a pep-talk? It's more like, "let me find the ways that I suck"?

Do you feel stuck in the same place...(you know it's all in your head) but you can't figure out how to break the pattern?

There's good news...there's a way out of your head and it can happen instantly and you'll feel great while doing it. That's what I've written about in my latest Forbes article. And hint: it's not meditation! Check it out.

And for January only, here's my gift to you. I'm opening up seven spots for a complimentary strategy session to help you break free from all the ego nonsense that's holding you back. We'll have a 30-minute private conversation to set you up for a successful and happy 2018. You can sign up here.