Struggling with time management? A productivity success story!

Hi there,

Ever feel like you show up to work, attend a bunch of meetings, squeeze in a ton of emails in between those meetings, eat lunch at your desk (if you're lucky) and then you come home and think: what did I accomplish today?

That's how my client Jen Hall, used to feel. She's the co-owner of the celebrated Beer Hall in San Francisco (if you're around MIDMA - stop in for a craft beer!).

Jen was feeling torn in all directions - between her young family and company - she just felt like there was never enough time in the day. All she wanted was to feel more ORGANIZED, PRODUCTIVE, and PRESENT!

Can you relate?

We experimented with a few approaches and finally cracked the code to Jen skyrocketing her productivity.

Are you ready for this? Because I wasn't. Jen blew me away and I'm not exaggerating.

It took Jen 90 minutes in one week to do accomplish MORE growth and business development work than she had in months!!!  

She couldn't believe how EASY and QUICKLY she transformed her time management.

Check out my chat with her. She'll share the one strategy we used to instantly shift her approach to work and her schedule.

Here's the key though, if you want to end your day feeling satisfied, calm, even proud of what you'd done... you HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT and what's most important.

If you're not clear on what you really want, or what brings you most alive, than it's going to tough to crack the code to your productivity. Because otherwise you're just doing busy work that doesn't matter.

If that's the case. Holler! Let's chat. You can schedule 30 minutes for us to talk here (for free).

Sign-up for a strategy session so we can crack the code to your feeling in control and a deep sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.

May has been a busy month with a bunch of travel and speaking, so I only have a few spots this month. Go ahead and book now.


PS When we taped this chat Jen she was pregnant. And just last week she had her baby boy. Jen, we're beaming you lots of love and congratulations!!!