How to Avoid Socially Awkward Small Talk

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We all know the power of making a good first impression. It’s why we agonize over outfits for job interviews; why we practice fun stories to tell on first dates; it’s even why we spend so much energy coming up with subject lines for the emails we send.

First impressions, are usually lasting impressions. And they happen in a matter of seconds! So if you’re engaged in annoying small talk...just imagine what that’s doing to the potential of your relationship.

In this video, I talk to Vanessa Van Edwards, noted researcher, author, and self-described recovering awkward person, about the science of making a good impression and how to kill small talk.

Her latest book, Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People, shares the fresh perspective on human behavior she gathered through her work at the Science of People lab, and she so generously shared some of those insights during our amazing conversation.

If you’re like a lot of folks who have had their share of socially awkward moments (especially while networking), then check out this video.

We talk about:

  • Practical advice for how to make amazing first impressions
  • Why small talk can be so exhausting, and how to break out of that pattern
  • Questions you can ask to spark more thoughtful conversations
  • How to make yourself seem immediately more open approachable
  • Body language, confidence, and yes – even what to do with your hands when speaking!
  •  “Faking it until you make it,” and why it doesn’t work (despite self help advice)

I loved this interview - I left with tons of information on how to be more confident and charismatic in a way that feels authentic, non-awkward or draining. Hope you enjoy, too! 

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