Trying to fix your problems all by yourself?

Hey there,

Feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders? And feeling kinda alone in your struggle?

Well, been there and done that.

And that's why it's especially excruciating for me to witness people make the same mistake I did for so long: going it alone.

When I first launched Woopaah I went into a zombie like depressive state...

I felt like a fraud and was afraid to admit I wasn't happy and may have made a mistake.

When I wasn't working, I'd zonk out on Netflix until my thighs were red from the heat of my laptop.

Here I was, a happiness expert and a business coach, who was both miserable and sabotaging her business.
I felt especially bad...because technically I "knew" how to fix my situation. But I wasn't doing it!

Ever done that?

One of the reasons I stayed pretty miserable for as long as I did was because I was experiencing False Hope Syndrome.

False Hope Syndrome is when you make a decision to change something about yourself and feel a fresh sense of hope and optimism...and that ends up sabotaging your actually getting stuff done...

Because you underestimate how much effort it takes and you end up failing. And not changing.

And this can go on and on (it explains failed New Year's Resolutions and why we keep setting them each year).

Choosing a new goal to change can temporarily dull/numb the pain, but doesn't address the root issue you want to shift.

It's not your fault that your mind works this way...we're all a bit guilty of this every once in a while.

So what did I do to stop the vicious cycle? I hired a coach to hold me accountable to my own advice, to help me hear myself, and to create a realistic plan.

If you're trying to fix your career on your own...consider this:

  •     How long have you felt unhappy about things at work?
  •     Have you done everything you can to change your situation?
  •     How much is it costing you to things to continue as they are?
  •     Do you even know what you really, really want?

PLAAEESE. Don't make my mistake and try to do this on your own.

Don't get seduced by committing to the "idea" of change and then just let life get in the way...and another year goes by.

I'm opening a few spots next week for a complimentary strategy session if you want to talk any of this through or work with me to finally experience your dream job.

Just use this link to give me some background and book 30 min on my calendar.


PS It took me a while to get over the shame/embarrassment of allowing things to get that bad. Just know it doesn't have to be this way. And the FASTEST way to get over this rut is to get some support. Hope to talk soon.

PPS Incase you didn't watch my video from last week, I talked to Dr. Morwenna Kirwan about False Hope Syndrome and two other mind traps that keep from you from achieving your goals. We focused mostly on weight lost but it's relevant to any behavior change. You can catch that here.

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