Not happy with your body?

Hey there,

Packing a few extra pounds? Yeah, me, too.

I gained 68 pounds when I was pregnant (that was over 50% of my pre-pregnancy weight).

It's been two years, and I'm about 5-10 pounds away from fitting into my skinniest jeans.

It's not the pounds that have bothered me as much as just not feeling good in my body... I want to feel more vitalicious (not a real word, but you know what I mean) and energized.

I wish I was one of those people who just "needed" to workout. I wish I LOVED going for a run. But maintaining a workout routine has been a struggle for me. Even though I always feel great after exercising.

Add a cross country move, a new home that is begging for attention, a toddler, and being sick once a month (thanks to daycare germs)...and it's so easy for me to find excuses for being off my game.

Plus, I'd much rather talk to a client than than put on my gym close and hop on the treadmill... any day!

But despite all that resistance, I've finally broken through and established a routine that I'm sticking to (and, actually enjoy!).

And there's one woman who has especially helped me through it... Dr. Morwenna Kirwan.

Morwenna has her Masters in Psychology, her PhD in Health Behavior Change, and until recently, was a tenured professor at a university in Sydney, Australia.  Harvard Medical School awarded Morwenna for most impactful and innovative research.

As if that wasn't enough, she's also a Certified Health and Eating psychology coach.

So, basically, this woman, knows her stuff.

But despite all her success, she wasn't feeling fulfilled. So Morwenna sought me out to help her feel more alive at work. That's how we met.

And while I've been helping her rethink her career, Morwenna (without even realizing it), was helping me feel more alive in my body.

Her methodology is the most balanced, sane, and doable approach to well-being that I've come across...and I wanted her to share some strategies with you.

Check out my interview with Morwenna...where she shares 3 psychological secrets to losing weight and loving your body...these insights have really shifted my behavior.

Not only do these secrets help you break bad habits around eating or (not) working out, but they're applicable to shifting any behavior.

** You can watch the interview here.

Here's to your good health and feeling vitalicious!


PS I begged Morwenna to put together a deeper, more specific, training on how body image (and how to Stop Hating Your Body and Transform Your Relationship with Food).  ** You can get free access here: 

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