Addicted to job hunting online?

Are you ready to find your dream job... this year?

Do you sit there glued to the screen, hopes up, scrolling around on LinkedIn seeking an escape? Fantasizing about the possibilities?

Well, stop everything...and sign up for my free training on How to Find your Dream Job! It's only available this week!

Here's the unfortunate truth about job hunting online, there's no guarantee that whatever new opportunity you find won't land
you right back where you are (different job, same feeling).

A lot folks who aren't happy at work struggle with the fear that they'll just repeat the same pattern and so they begin to doubt their instincts.

Your instincts aren't the problem, you just need the right system for discerning between your truth, your values, other people's values, and fear.

Trying to figure out what you want by looking for jobs online is like looking for a needle in a haystack. That needle being your dream job and life.

And then when you're ready to actually apply, sometimes it just feels like you're sending your resume into a black hole.  

I'm not totally anti-online job hunting, it's just that most people are using it in the wrong way and at the wrong time.

The key, if you're really looking to find your dream job, is do the inner work first.

Once you do that, your search accelerates dramatically.

  •     You can make decisions faster
  •     You know how to sift through choices
  •     You know the right questions to ask
  •     You're confident about your instincts

And to do the inner work doesn't mean you have to go sit on a mountain top and retreat from civilization in silence for a week. It's actually
pretty simple.

I hope you take advantage of the free training I just created and am offering for this week only.

It's all about helping you find your dream job fast so you don't have to fantasize about being happier, more engaged and actually excited by
what you do...

You get to live it.

In the training I teach you how to:

  • How to avoid three major job hunting traps that lead to self sabotage, settling for unexciting options, and being unfulfilled.
  • The step by step formula for getting clear on what you really want to do so that you wake up feeling excited for your day instead of snoozing with dread.  
  • A system to network efficiently so you're not wasting time, feeling awkward, and attending a bunch of random events instead of having dinner with loved ones.
  • How to stay positive and resilient so that you don't give up, get discouraged, and make a decision out of fear.

If you're ready to stop doubting yourself and being OK with a crappy situation, and step into a future that excites you, that inspires you, that makes you feel like yourself again - let's do it!

Hope you join me for my new online free training, How to Find Your Dream Job in 2017 - I'm offering this exclusive webinar at multiple times, so grab your spot here.



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