#youtoo? How to deal with sexual harassment at work

Do you have a #metoo story? Well, me too. When the Harvey Weinstein accusations just started coming out, I remember attending a women's event and asking: how many of you have experienced sexual harassment? Every single woman raised her hand. It's so ubiquitous that for many women, being sexually harassed has just become a part of life.

While I rarely deal with sexual harassment as a topic in my coaching, I know many of you read my stuff because you're always seeking to grow and be better at work and in life.

If that's really the case, then I believe that it's time for all us (even if you're lucky enough not to be a victim) to step up and help stop it...because it's all our problem.

I wasn't sure what I could do to make a difference, but here goes something...since I'm not an expert when it comes to this issue I decided to speak to leaders who are. 

My first interview is with Eric Bachman. Eric Bachman is Chair of the discrimination and retaliation practices at Zuckerman Law and has served in senior positions at the U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) and the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. 

I wanted to talk to Eric first to understand the law around sexual harassment. Here are some things we cover in this video:

  • What's the difference between obnoxious behavior and sexual harassment?
  • When is it illegal to be a bully?
  • What do you say, write, and do if you are a victim or a witness?
  • How can witnesses transform a toxic work culture?
  • What happens if you can't afford a lawyer?
  • What do you do if HR is not your friend?

Eric was generous enough to offer his email if you have any specific questions. Also, if need help working up the courage to speak up, consider watching this free training I did on How to Master Difficult Conversations. 

I'm interviewing a few other leaders on this issue - from a business, psychological, and spiritual perspective. If you have ideas on what topics you want covered, or you have a question about sexual harassment, just write me: stella@woopaah.com.

My best,