It's never too late to live your dreams, here's my client's story

As you would imagine, I celebrate every one of my clients' successes. I’m like a coach, cheerleader and fan club all rolled into one. But when I got an email from one of my former clients, Michelle, I couldn’t stop smiling for days. You see, Michelle came to me when she was feeling so burned out and miserable at her job, she didn’t know how she was going to keep going. (She actually said to me, “This job is killing me slowly.”)
We worked together for three months—and I mean worked! Michelle had been stuck in the wrong career for 10 years at that point. So not only was she defensive but she was pretty closed off to what she was even passionate about. But I kept asking her the tough questions and putting up a mirror to her truth, and little by little, she started to recover herself. 
Finally, she found the courage to decide to leave her career in healthcare and go into the field of fashion.
So, in the email I mentioned earlier, she was writing to tell me how happy she was, how well things were going for her, how excited she was now about the possibilities each day brings and how grateful she was to me for helping her find her new way. Which gave me an idea. I called Michelle and asked if she would be willing to tell her story in a recorded interview, which I would then share with all of you. Because it’s one thing for me to tell you how it’s possible to change direction and find happiness at work, but how much more meaningful is it to hear an actual story from someone who is in the midst of doing just that?!
Michelle didn’t miss a beat. “Sure!,” she said generously. You can listen to her very inspiring interview here.  
Spoiler alert! You will hear Michelle talk about how scary this decision was because:
  • She had to take a financial risk and give up her comfortable six-figure salary
  • She would be entering a career in which she had no previous training
  • She would be going back to school with 18-year-olds after spending more than a decade already in corporate America
Of course, I didn’t just let Michelle take the leap blindly. We talked about different financial plans. She researched the different schools and their programs, and then we worked on a line-item budget, on different options for working part-time or other ways of making some money or taking out a loan. And I helped prepare her for how to talk with her husband about the decision.
But the most important take-away from Michelle’s story: It’s never too late to fulfill your calling. “I made a bigger change in my life in three or four months than I had made in 10 years,”  Michelle says.
Is there a dream career in your future? Don’t waste any more time being frustrated or miserable with your job.  

If you're ready for some kind of change at work—or just know it has to be better than this—let's talk. I've made some space available in my calendar over the next few weeks. Book 30 minutes for us to chat...and maybe I can ask you some tough questions to help you move forward. 
I look forward to hearing from you!
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