How to stop thinking about work all the time

Hey there,


One of the most stressful things I hear clients struggle

with is that they can’t turn off…

even when it’s time to relax and be with loved ones. 


It sucks when you’re with your family or friends,

but not really with them, you’re checked out…  


It’s like you’re just a body at the dinner table, half listening, 

half ruminating about the upcoming presentation 

or replaying an exchange you had a with a coworker. 


Usually this is a symptom of something bigger happening… 


Maybe you’re:

  • overwhelmed and working too much
  • not getting the support you need
  • not feeling confident that you’re doing a good enough job
  • saying yes too much
  • taking things personally


The problem is, when you're thinking about work and

wasting your precious (and probably too little) time 

with your loved ones, it eats away at you.  Literally.  

And just exacerbates things at work. 


Research has shown that our relationships are the biggest predictor of our happiness.  

And that love, literally nourishes our bodies, impacting our brains, cardiovascular system, 

immunity, decision making, and even the DNA that's expressed in our bodies. 


So when you’re not allowing yourself to be nourished by those around you,  

by intimate and real connections - you may be entering a vicious cycle  where you:

  • Resent your job even more
  • Feel out of balance 
  • Not care about things you used to care about
  • Question whether you’re in the right place
  • Wonder if you’re good at anything at all
  • Lose hope and motivation, disengaging from work even more 


Most people think they just need to meditate and develop a mindfulness habit. 

They blame an addition to their phones, or checking emails. 


I'm always an advocate of meditation and training your mind. 

But that alone won't solve this. 


Other folks just try to work harder. 

But that also doesn't help because if you're out of balance 

and probably not getting enough rest, you're not effective - 

so you take longer to do things. And that takes you away from home even more. 


Some people just do nothing at all. They just hope it will shift on its own. 

“It's just this one project that's keeping me busy. 

Then things will return to normal.”

But it's not just about this project. Is it?


I used to be this way. I felt like I was always working on my business. 

My husband would regularly say, "Stella, I'm feeling distant from you” 

after spending the whole day with me. 

Or, we’d go on a trip but I found myself just stressed 

about what was waiting for me at home instead of enjoying my vacation! 


That's when I started instituting some key strategies and practices. 

And it’s changed my world. 

Now when it's 5pm, I shift gears and I'm PRESENT. 

I get to savor moments with my family and my weekends feel fun again. 


Would you like to fix this and stop being absent in your life 

and be more engaged at work?


Here’s what I want you to do. 


Just click on the link below, let me know a bit 

about your situation and then you’ll see a link to my calendar.


You’l be able to book a complimentary 30 minute session 

with me on the phone. And I’ll show you exactly how to 

overcome this, step by step, using a three part strategy.


While the steps are universal to everyone, it has to be customized for you. 

If I just share it here, it wouldn’t be making much of an impact for anyone

unless it’s specific to your life. 


This is something I’m very passionate about it. I HATE hearing 

about people losing their sense of self and connection to those they care about 

because of work (even if you love your work). 




Your life is way too precious, your loved ones are too important,

and your time is too valuable to waste not being alive in each moment. 


Hope to talk soon.



p.s. If you’re hesitating, just ask yourself how much longer 

are you willing to let this happen? Are you waiting for your kids to 

grow up? The prime of your career to pass?


Just book a strategy session so I can help you and 

explain a system so you don’t do this alone - and waste any more time.


p.p.s. This isn't very hard. And won’t take long to shift. Promise. 

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