I'm So Crazy Proud Of This Client..

Hey there,

I'd like to share a story about a client of mine, Amy, an Emergency Room Doctor, who took The Work Happiness MethodI'm SO damn proud of her. 

Before I share her story, just a quick reminder that even if you're not a client, I'm STILL here for you. Let's talk. 

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Okay, back to Amy... Amy was on maternity leave when we started to work together.

Amy dreaded going back to work so much so that she started taking computer programming classes - she seriously was considering switching careers. 


When we got to the root of her issue it turns out that one of her major concerns was pumping breast milk at the hospital (promise you'll be able to relate even if you don't have breasts - just keep reading).

Sure, technically by law she could take breaks to do it...but based on the demands of being an ER doctor...it wasn't so simple.  

This was Amy's second child and she remembered the first time around it was very difficult to schedule time for pumping breast milk. 

For those of you who don't know what it's like to breast feed or pump, if the milk doesn't come out when the breast is full - it's painful and can cause infection.  

Clearly if you're in discomfort like that ... your performance can be impacted. 

Have you ever had to work in conditions that negatively impacted your effectiveness? And yet, you found yourself just taking it?   

Amy knew this was important to address but she didn't feel like she could speak up for her needs. 

She was afraid that she'd be perceived as whining or creating trouble for her department...and she feared that this might impact her ability to be promoted. 

I. could. not. believe. my. ears. 

It's 2-0-1-6 and yet, this was a real issue. And we're talking about medical professionals here. Oy vey! 

I asked Amy, "What kind of promotion do you want to get?"

Amy wanted to become an department administrator to create policies for more effective management and care. 

Okay. Well, I asked, how might you START ACTING like the leader you want to be? 

Amy woke up and realized that she had to say something. 

We created a word for word script of how to make her request.  And in a matter of weeks the department created a new policy around how to schedule shifts for breast pumping needs. 


Before our conversation - Amy didn't think this conversation was an option. She thought it would make her look bad. 

Meanwhile, the department chiefs asked, "why hasn't anyone mentioned something sooner?"


Do you think that the only way out is quitting or another career?

Before you do anything drastic, let's talk!

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As for this story. I hope you realize that if you're in pain, you're probably not the only one. Don't ASSUME you know how someone is going to respond to your needs and certainly don't stay QUIET because of fear of the conversation. 

If you truly want to lead, start now. 

All my best,

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