A simple exercise to help you stay hopeful about the future

Hi there,

Whether you're grateful that Donald Trump won or devastated, now is the time for us to open to new possibilities.

Regardless of the outcome you desired, it's clear that our nation has been in a high state of anxiety and fear.

And usually such emotion spurs us to shut down, narrow in, and play it safe.   

In fact, just yesterday a client of mine told me that she's considering leaving the country - and instead of going after her dream job - just finding an opportunity to pay the bills.

I get it. Really, I do.

But it's in these kinds of times that we must stand in the discomfort and deny the urge to escape or go numb.

It's in uncertain moments where we have the greatest opportunity to open to new ways of seeing, being, understanding - to GROW.

It's NOW that we must lead with our hearts - more than ever.

If you're not sure what your heart is telling you about the future, here's an exercise you might enjoy. It's called a Vision Generator - and it will help you get excited and clear about what's to come. You can the exercise download here.

And know this: Researchers have found that our happiness is indeed influenced by circumstances outside of our control - but the impact is actually pretty small, only about 10%.

50% of our happiness is influenced by our genetics and the personality we're born with.

But guess what? A whopping 40% of your happiness in IN YOUR CONTROL. It's based on your choices -  the thoughts you think and the decisions you make.

If you want some help taking control of your happiness and to talk about your future, I'd be honored to support you.

I've made a few spots available on my calendar before the holiday for a complimentary strategy session - you can book 30 minutes for us to chat here.

With much love and hope,

Stella GrizontComment