Are you in your body? How to tell

Hey y'all,

This week I share a video where I talk with my friend and embodiment coach, Jay Fields. She is mega awesome and inspiring. 
We chat about the following big themes:
  • What embodiment is—and how it differs from mindfulness
  • How to identify the Number One thing that distracts us from being present
  • Ways to avoid spinning in our heads with all kinds of personal distractions
  • How positive psychology impacts my personal approach to being happier at work
  • Ways for creating authentic moments of connection with those we work with
  • Strategies for managing our personal life while at the office 

Stella Grizont & Jay Fields Talk Happiness at Work from Stella Grizont on Vimeo.


Also, I share some messaging—a little tough love that’s important for you to hear (it's not meant to sting but to serve). 

I  hope you’ll watch . I found it to be a fascinating topic. And I’d like to hear your thoughts about this one. Please just comment—and let me know what resonated the most for you. And please share some of your strategies for being able to stay present.

Lastly, if you haven’t signed up for my free webinar next week, “STOP HATING YOUR JOB AND BE HAPPIER AT WORK NOW”—there’s no time like the present! (Ha! Pun intended….) 

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