The biggest predictor of your happiness...

Hey there, 

I'm writing you from sunny Miami Beach..on vacation with my family (my hubby, Linor, my parents, and in-law's). 

Traveling with Linor, my six month old daughter, certainly isn't easy (or restful) - and I think I'll need another vacay just to recover from this one. 

That said, even though I may be's weeks like these that fuel my overall happiness. 

In fact, according to research, that's just about true for everyone.

According to John Cacioppio, the author of Loneliness: human nature and the need for social connection, it's our relationships that are the biggest and most critical predictor of our happiness - above and beyond increased pay, success, and even our health. 

So chew on this...since we tend to spend more time with the people we work with than our loved ones, ask yourself, how might I better connect with those I collaborate with each day?

Here are a few instant ways to enhance your relationships at work...and your own happiness: 

  1. Instead of the standard, "How are you?" Ask, "Hey, so what's been the highlight of your day so far?" This may lead to a more meaningful conversation where you discover something new about one another. 
  2. Next time someone does a great job, avoid just saying, "great job." Instead, point out what specifically you admire about their efforts. For example, "You presented with such confidence and ease - I liked how you kept your slides simple so I could just focus on your message."
  3. Write an unexpected gratitude letter.  If there is someone at work who you greatly appreciate, take the time to explicitly share how they impact you. This may very well be one of the most meaningful things either of you experience on the job. It can be very powerful if heartfelt. 

With much love and sunshine, 

PS Thank you for all your feedback from my last newsletter (some just quick one liners, others revealing and tender). Every time I receive your notes following one of these newsletters it fills me up with a great sense of purpose.  


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