You're Allowed To Change Your Mind

Has this ever happened to you? You have a goal and you stick with it... except once you achieve your vision, it’s either:
  • a) nothing like you were expecting it to be
  • b) something you discover you’re no longer interested in 
  • c) or some variation on all of the above.  
After spending an incredible amount of time, resources, and heart devoting yourself to your noble may find yourself at best, underwhelmed, and at worst, depressed, disoriented, and maybe even physically ill. 

When I launched WOOPAAH, my vision for the company was to create a physical playground for professionals to bring them alive to the present and to ignite their creativity.  And for two years, I successfully designed engagement programs for corporate employees - from Google to Johnson & Johnson to the City of New York. 

Yet more and more, I started feeling restless…ultimately realizing that this great dream I had achieved was, in fact, no longer doing it for me. 

The very thought that I didn’t want to do this anymore felt like a personal betrayal.  

Turns out, however, that it was a huge gift (I can say that now after 18 months of turmoil). Knowing that I had to change my vision was the catalyst to knowing what I wanted to do next. 

So...feeling bad for wanting to change your mind or your vision? Continue reading here for some of my tips and more of my story.

• 1. Changing your mind is not the same as admitting a mistake. Often, our fear of looking foolish—or worse, like a failure—prevents us from moving on. Yet, it’s actually the opposite that’s true: Altering or adjusting your vision is a sign of strength, not failure.


• 2. Sometimes you have to try it on to know it doesn’t fit. Just as one size doesn’t always fit all, one vision won’t be the same for every individual. Or it can take some time before the job or position has run its course. The good news: Without getting to this point, you couldn’t really know what the experience would feel like—and perhaps more importantly, what your next move should be. 


• 3. You’re in a different place now than when you first made the decision. We’re on a continuum, constantly changing and learning new things about ourselves and the world at large. When you think about it, it’s more impressive that any goal, once achieved, is still fulfilling!

So how am I modifying my vision? I'm launching a new coaching program. I've found that working one-on-one with clients enables me to use my strengths and make deeper impact. Interested? Read on!

Track 1: The Career & Life Fulfillment Program for Overachievers

I’ve realized that over achievers who have done everything “right” and worked really “hard” have the most difficult time when suddenly dissatisfied or bored with their work and life vision. 

Does this sound like you or someone you know:
  • What used to motivate you no longer does the trick
  • You’re feeling stuck and don’t like your options 
  • You’re considering a big change and are questioning yourself
  • You wake up with dread and don’t want to face your day
  • You can’t quite recognize yourself lately...where did the passion go?
  • You’re ready to love your life and work again 
Want to learn more? 
Schedule a complimentary 30-minute session to help you get unstuck. 
Limited spots available to first come first serve. 

Track 2: Conscious Executive Leadership Development

Want to learn how to develop a culture and team that are not only effective but happy? Recognizing you need support in developing yourself as the leader you know you can be? Contact me to explore if this is right for you or your organization. Topics covered include:
  • Developing your leadership vision
  • Engaging your team 
  • Building clear purpose, vision, and values 
  • Training yourself and others to be more resilient
  • Mastering difficult conversations
  • Creating a culture of well-being and happiness
Want to learn more? 
Book a complimentary 30-minute session to explore if this is right for you or your organization. 


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