Identity Crisis


Hi Everyone!

Have you been feeling burned out lately? Not caring about stuff…maybe even wondering what you’re doing with your life? Well, you’re not alone! There’s this crazy, disturbing trend out there, kind of like an identity crisis—and it’s especially affecting overachievers, which I know describes most (if not all!) of you, plus probably many of the people you know. So, this week’s conversation is a little different from our usual chats in that it’s just between us…you and me. Consider this a PSA—a Positivity Service Announcement!  

I share some interesting research that helps explain why this is happening AND some strategies for banishing the feelings. There’s a real “feel good” message to the video. Here’s a little preview:

 Newsflash: Achievement is overrated. For some of you, that sounds practically like treason, I know. And that’s the point: Our society places so much emphasis on achievement that we even identify ourselves that way; as though our job and accomplishments are the sum total of who we are. Achievement is definitely part of the happiness equation—or as we describe it in Positive Psychology, one of the five drivers to human flourishing—but in and of itself, it’s not the whole deal. 

 Effort trumps performance every time. Carol Dweck, this fascinating academic psychologist at Stanford, did a study on the difference between praising one’s performance and praising one’s effort. What she found speaks volumes about why some of us shy away from challenges (for fear of failing) and others are like, Bring it on! Watch the video for a more in-depth discussion; just know that it will take all the negative value judgments out of how you think of failure. 

There’s no such thing as an “ordinary life.” Overachievers are basically programmed to discount the value of living in the moment; better to be thinking about the future and percolating on your next big success, right? Wrong! Engagement—living in the moment, losing yourself in an activity, appreciating the little things—is another one of the drivers to flourishing. 

In fact, happiness may be the best antidote to an identity crisis. If you’ve already taken my online course, The Science of Happiness, you know exactly what I mean. But if you haven’t, or you’d like a refresher course on how to live a happier life, you’re in luck! Through May 21st get the 5-session course for only $24—that’s a 75% savings! 

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