How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself: the Prelude


Hey Guys,

You know that expression, “You’re your own worse enemy”? Of course you do; it’s practically the overachiever’s slogan! (That’s not meant as a good thing, BTW….) It came up when I was talking with a client who was venting about how miserable she was at work. That wouldn’t have set off any alarms, except for the fact that not so long ago, she LOVED her job! The more we talked, the more I knew her experience wasn’t unique (we’ve all been there!) and that I had real information and advice for getting over the self-torment—and especially for dumping all that negative energy. 

It’s all here in this video I just put together: a quickie course on the research and remedies—or happiness hacks, as I like to call them—for three of the biggest success sappers. And I’m offering it for FREE! That’s how much I want you to check it out. I’m even turning this week’s post into a little warm-up for the course. For instance, did you know:  


 • Being negative comes naturally. Really. Our brains are predisposed to all things bad, dark and unsettling. Scientists call it “negativity bias” and trace it to the Stone Age when thinking the worst was, in fact, good…in the sense of a life-saving strategy. The good news for 21st Century humans: We can retrain our brains. Now hold that thought. Seriously, hold that thought.


The Power of Positive Thinking isn’t just a catchy book title. With apologies to Norman Vincent Peale (look it up), we now have hard scientific evidence that positive emotions, just being in a good mood, allow us to see possibilities that otherwise would never have entered our minds.   


When all else fails, give yourself a break. Overachievers are notorious for being hard on themselves. How’s that working out for you? Take a breath. Take a walk! Anything to help quiet your inner critic. 


I hope the ideas in this post resonated with you. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. And, of course, I would love to hear from you after you watch the video! You can always get me at


Till then, here’s to your happiness and loving life!