Listening to the body

Hi there. It's Stella here. Today I had a lot of ambition and a lot of surprises along the way. I was so determined this morning to get through a thicket of to-do's including choosing from a stack of incredible intern applications. I fueled up with a large Philz coffee (some of the best in SF) ready to turbo charge. But then my neck was hurting all day. By mid afternoon it kinda stopped turning. Thankfully I had an appointment for acupuncture. As if my pain wasn't enough already, on my way to the appointment I tripped on the curb while waiting for a green light. And that really hurt so I became even more inflexible (oh the metaphors). I looked up to the sky and said WTF?!? What is this about?!? I started to cry - feeling limited in my body and all sorts of sorry for myself. I came home knowing this wasn’t about my neck - that my body was speaking to me. But I wasn’t sure what it was saying. Well, I only reached about 4 interns. If you’re applying and reading this - I’m sorry - but I had to listen - even to a message I didn’t like. Now that I’ve had about three hours of rest (and some leisurely bubbly) I’m feeling the energy and flexibility come back. Maybe my body just wanted to chill. Sometimes we get all sorts of irrational-out-of-the-blue signals that go against our ambitions. Our body has its own intelligence - and it may speak in a language we don’t quite understand. The key is to at least ask questions and set the intention to listen.