Fever miracle

It's time to get a little personal on this blogeroo. Although I'm sure you've been enjoying our straight-up science based insight - I thought I'd share how I practice what we preach...

On Sunday night I awoke to the clinking and rattling of my teeth. My muscles were clenched. I was all soaked and freezing. I had a huge fever. Even my fingers were all pruney because they were resting on my sweat-drentched t-shirt all night. This officially sucked. I hadn't felt this bad for almost 10 years.  

Unfortunately, one of our biggest WOOPAAH experiences was the next day. So add to the delight of feeling like crap, I also began to freak about work. Do I call the client and ask them for another day? But they're all flying in around the country. SHIT!!! 

Then my good friend and fellow positivity player, Ben Hoffman called. Ben owns a company called CityHunt (we love them - they do team scavenger hunts and they're awesome). And here's all Ben said: "Stella. I know you can do this. I'm already seeing your event and it's a huge success. Your body is going to heal and perform for you. It's going to be great. I KNOW this."
Ben's certainty transformed my doubts in an instant. "YES!" I said. "YES! I can do this. And we will do this!"
Fast forward just 24 hours later and my body is 1,000 times better. I still have a raspy voice (but it's kinda sexy) and I still stashed tissues, but we did it! It was a huge success.  Above is a picture of the event we had this week. My body did perform. Phew.
What I'd like to stress here is the power of the mind. Until Ben's call I was wavering. I didn't know if I could do it. But Ben envisioned a possibility with such certainty that I believed him. And once I believed in that possibility I transformed.  
Our body, our relationships, our performance, our everything is directly related to our beliefs. Sometimes those beliefs are positive, sometimes they're not. If you want to change your beliefs,  the trick is to be CERTAIN. No one could tell Ben any different - he B E L I E V E D. And that was contagious. I then did, too. 
It's hard to switch from uncertainty to certainty on your own by just thinking different.
Here are some tips on how to do it:
1. Find yourself a friend or stranger who believes. And have them help convince you until you're certain.  It's amazing how far someone say, "Of course you can do it," can go.
2. Change your physicology. Go jump, run, stand straight, physically dramatically change your outer experience and then repeat your desired beliefs with conviction. 
3. Hypnosis. That's what it's all about it. Find a great therapist and they'll help you rewire your script. 
Here's to you - I know YOU can do ANYTHING you imagine!