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The i Scream Truck - a new ride to well-being!


  • Feeling overwhelmed with the non stop inbox and growing to-do lists?
  • Is a digital device the first thing you reach for when you wake up and the last thing you put down before you close your eyes?
  • Is the pace of change and uncertainty driving you up the wall?

The i Scream Truck is a space for you to let it all out - whack, stomp, scream and restore. 

Blow off some steam in a healthy, productive and playful way! It only takes 10 minutes to clear your head and put you in a new state of mind with the i Scream Truck.  

From New York City to San Francisco - we're happy to pull up and provide you with the ultimate way to let go. Companies, schools, and conferences bring us on to recharge their people. 

Bring us to your organization! E-mail or call 347-541-WOOP (9667) for availabile dates and options.



We were featured on ABC News 7. Watch our clip below!

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