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What happy customers have to say about WOOPAAH's team programs: 

This is how our clients feel after a WOOPAAH sesh... from Stella Grizont on Vimeo.


"This team experience helped me realize we're more alike than we are different. And as a team, we can make anything happen!" - Mike M., COO, Shefinds
"I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful experience.  The team really enjoyed the activities and the energy and confidence carried over into the remainder of our annual team conference.  Personally, I feel this team meeting was one of the best, it was much more relaxed and I feel that we were able to connect  with each other on a deeper, more personal level. -CM, Marketing Manager, Aramark
"I'm an accountant and work for a large firm. We're always trying to 'control' everything. This was really powerful in helping me just 'let go' and learn the value of being in the flow." -Stephen M., New Jersey
"Even though I never met the people in my group before,  what we shared seemed to transcend that. I'm going to miss them." - Jason H., Brooklyn
"After a very stressful day, I was whisked away to play at Woopaah... I wasn't sure what to expect, but I left with a huge smile on my face and a renewed sense of vitality. I felt electric!" - Karla L., Brooklyn
"It's unexpectedly empowering." - Rachel W., Manhattan. 
"I came in feeling blah, and now I'm feeling totally alive." - Stephanie G., Brooklyn  
"I've never been so free." - Yvenya H., Queens
"CRAZY FUN!" - Jeff R., Queens
"I feel more unique, creative, and riskier."  - Michael M., Manhattan
"At first I was curious and kind of anxious about what was to come... now I feel like I can do anything!" - Jessica A., Brooklyn