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What stands in the way of your greatness?

Hey there,​

The Huffington Post called her the THE MOST INSPIRING WOMAN in the world. And I’m so blessed to call her a friend.

Lolly Daskal is one of the world’s most sought after executive coaches. Beyond her impressive achievements and huge following (1.2 million followers on Twitter!), what I admire most about her is her character.

This woman CARES. I mean really, cares.  

The kind of cares where she goes out in the middle of the night to feed and support homeless people around her neighborhood, who she knows by name. If a twitter follower DM's her - she's on it.  She just GIVES.

The reason I interviewed Lolly now is because she’s experiencing a dream come true -  the publication of her book, The Leadership Gap.  And I figured here's a chance for a win-win. Support my friend and support YOU.

For 30 years Lolly has been using a unique system to help leaders get out of their own way and to stop sabotaging themselves. She’s finally made that system public - and I thought you’d love to hear about it.

Watch our conversation and you’ll learn about:

  •     The dark side of your strengths and how to overcome it
  •     How to recognize when you’re experiencing a leadership gap
  •     What confidence really means
  •     How you’re more than your Myers-Briggs or DISC profile
  •     The seven archetypes that express your greatness
  •     What to do with manaagers who need to grow but are resisting it
  •     How to make instant and GOOD decisions to overcome your gaps

I’d love to know what you think. Which archetype resonated with you and which do you want to invoke to move through your leadership gap?  Do share any thoughts in the comments section of the video. And subscribe...if you want more :).

To your flourishing,

P.S. Noticed I've been doing more videos lately? And interviewing a lot of authors? What do you think? Should I keep it up? Or go back to more how-to/aha e-mails...or a little mix of both? Just hit reply and let me know what you think.

And if you have any topics or authors you want me to speak with ... just holla!


Struggling with time management? A productivity success story!

Hi there,

Ever feel like you show up to work, attend a bunch of meetings, squeeze in a ton of emails in between those meetings, eat lunch at your desk (if you're lucky) and then you come home and think: what did I accomplish today?

That's how my client Jen Hall, used to feel. She's the co-owner of the celebrated Beer Hall in San Francisco (if you're around MIDMA - stop in for a craft beer!).

Jen was feeling torn in all directions - between her young family and company - she just felt like there was never enough time in the day. All she wanted was to feel more ORGANIZED, PRODUCTIVE, and PRESENT!

Can you relate?

We experimented with a few approaches and finally cracked the code to Jen skyrocketing her productivity.

Are you ready for this? Because I wasn't. Jen blew me away and I'm not exaggerating.

It took Jen 90 minutes in one week to do accomplish MORE growth and business development work than she had in months!!!  

She couldn't believe how EASY and QUICKLY she transformed her time management.

Check out my chat with her. She'll share the one strategy we used to instantly shift her approach to work and her schedule.

Here's the key though, if you want to end your day feeling satisfied, calm, even proud of what you'd done... you HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT and what's most important.

If you're not clear on what you really want, or what brings you most alive, than it's going to tough to crack the code to your productivity. Because otherwise you're just doing busy work that doesn't matter.

If that's the case. Holler! Let's chat. You can schedule 30 minutes for us to talk here (for free).

Sign-up for a strategy session so we can crack the code to your feeling in control and a deep sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.

May has been a busy month with a bunch of travel and speaking, so I only have a few spots this month. Go ahead and book now.


PS When we taped this chat Jen she was pregnant. And just last week she had her baby boy. Jen, we're beaming you lots of love and congratulations!!!


How to Avoid Socially Awkward Small Talk

​Hey there!

We all know the power of making a good first impression. It’s why we agonize over outfits for job interviews; why we practice fun stories to tell on first dates; it’s even why we spend so much energy coming up with subject lines for the emails we send.

First impressions, are usually lasting impressions. And they happen in a matter of seconds! So if you’re engaged in annoying small talk...just imagine what that’s doing to the potential of your relationship.

In this video, I talk to Vanessa Van Edwards, noted researcher, author, and self-described recovering awkward person, about the science of making a good impression and how to kill small talk.

Her latest book, Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People, shares the fresh perspective on human behavior she gathered through her work at the Science of People lab, and she so generously shared some of those insights during our amazing conversation.

If you’re like a lot of folks who have had their share of socially awkward moments (especially while networking), then check out this video.

We talk about:

  • Practical advice for how to make amazing first impressions
  • Why small talk can be so exhausting, and how to break out of that pattern
  • Questions you can ask to spark more thoughtful conversations
  • How to make yourself seem immediately more open approachable
  • Body language, confidence, and yes – even what to do with your hands when speaking!
  •  “Faking it until you make it,” and why it doesn’t work (despite self help advice)

I loved this interview - I left with tons of information on how to be more confident and charismatic in a way that feels authentic, non-awkward or draining. Hope you enjoy, too! 

Feel free to leave a comment in the video section.


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How to impress a recruiter

Hey there!

Ever submit your resume and feel like it's going straight into a black hole? You worked so hard on your application and yet you worry whether anyone will ever see it.

Well, here's the thing. You're probably right.

Now more than ever, recruiters are super overwhelmed. They're being asked to review hundreds (if not thousands) of applications.

And the truth is, your resume may be overlooked for reasons completely unrelated to your experience or skills.

But not all hope is lost!

That’s why I want you to meet my guest, Sara Erbstein. Sara recruits executives at Comcast and has seen it all. I asked Sara to give us the scoop...and to help us understand what recruiters really think and do behind the scenes.
Here’s what we discussed:

  •     How to get your resume to the top of the pile
  •     The only part of the resume that many recruiters read
  •     The key question you must be prepared to answer in your resume and on your interview
  •     To write a cover letter or not? (hint: not!)
  •     Why finding a professional resume writer may actually be doing you more harm than good
  •     Key formatting tips to ensure your resume gets noticed for all the right reasons
  •     Why being nice to the doorman matters

This was certainly an eye-opener for me!  

Check out the video before you apply for another job or want to update your resume. And share it with any friends in the same boat!  


P.S. Need help figuring out what your dream job really is? Or just how to be happier at work?

I opened up a few spots through May for a complimentary strategy session (let's talk before you spend time searching and applying). Book a 30 minute private conversation with me here.



Trying to fix your problems all by yourself?

Hey there,

Feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders? And feeling kinda alone in your struggle?

Well, been there and done that.

And that's why it's especially excruciating for me to witness people make the same mistake I did for so long: going it alone.

When I first launched Woopaah I went into a zombie like depressive state...

I felt like a fraud and was afraid to admit I wasn't happy and may have made a mistake.

When I wasn't working, I'd zonk out on Netflix until my thighs were red from the heat of my laptop.

Here I was, a happiness expert and a business coach, who was both miserable and sabotaging her business.
I felt especially bad...because technically I "knew" how to fix my situation. But I wasn't doing it!

Ever done that?

One of the reasons I stayed pretty miserable for as long as I did was because I was experiencing False Hope Syndrome.

False Hope Syndrome is when you make a decision to change something about yourself and feel a fresh sense of hope and optimism...and that ends up sabotaging your actually getting stuff done...

Because you underestimate how much effort it takes and you end up failing. And not changing.

And this can go on and on (it explains failed New Year's Resolutions and why we keep setting them each year).

Choosing a new goal to change can temporarily dull/numb the pain, but doesn't address the root issue you want to shift.

It's not your fault that your mind works this way...we're all a bit guilty of this every once in a while.

So what did I do to stop the vicious cycle? I hired a coach to hold me accountable to my own advice, to help me hear myself, and to create a realistic plan.

If you're trying to fix your career on your own...consider this:

  •     How long have you felt unhappy about things at work?
  •     Have you done everything you can to change your situation?
  •     How much is it costing you to things to continue as they are?
  •     Do you even know what you really, really want?

PLAAEESE. Don't make my mistake and try to do this on your own.

Don't get seduced by committing to the "idea" of change and then just let life get in the way...and another year goes by.

I'm opening a few spots next week for a complimentary strategy session if you want to talk any of this through or work with me to finally experience your dream job.

Just use this link to give me some background and book 30 min on my calendar.


PS It took me a while to get over the shame/embarrassment of allowing things to get that bad. Just know it doesn't have to be this way. And the FASTEST way to get over this rut is to get some support. Hope to talk soon.

PPS Incase you didn't watch my video from last week, I talked to Dr. Morwenna Kirwan about False Hope Syndrome and two other mind traps that keep from you from achieving your goals. We focused mostly on weight lost but it's relevant to any behavior change. You can catch that here.