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Are you in your body? How to tell

Hey y'all,

This week I share a video where I talk with my friend and embodiment coach, Jay Fields. She is mega awesome and inspiring. 
We chat about the following big themes:
  • What embodiment is—and how it differs from mindfulness
  • How to identify the Number One thing that distracts us from being present
  • Ways to avoid spinning in our heads with all kinds of personal distractions
  • How positive psychology impacts my personal approach to being happier at work
  • Ways for creating authentic moments of connection with those we work with
  • Strategies for managing our personal life while at the office 

Stella Grizont & Jay Fields Talk Happiness at Work from Stella Grizont on Vimeo.


Also, I share some messaging—a little tough love that’s important for you to hear (it's not meant to sting but to serve). 

I  hope you’ll watch . I found it to be a fascinating topic. And I’d like to hear your thoughts about this one. Please just comment—and let me know what resonated the most for you. And please share some of your strategies for being able to stay present.

Lastly, if you haven’t signed up for my free webinar next week, “STOP HATING YOUR JOB AND BE HAPPIER AT WORK NOW”—there’s no time like the present! (Ha! Pun intended….) 


Is it your job—or is it you? How to know if it’s time to go

Many clients come to me ready to quit their jobs—with all sorts of reasons: I don’t like the people I work with; I’m not using all my talents; I’m not passionate about this work anymore; I’d like to be doing something more meaningful; I’m bored…there’s nothing left for me to learn. And those are just some of the more recent ones.


These are all legitimate reasons to consider leaving, but not one on its own is reason enough to be out the door.


Why? Because leaving as a means of escape rarely solves the big-picture problems. And unless you can identify the source(s) of your discontent and explore your situation in a less reactionary way, you’ll likely wind up facing some of the same or similar issues and patterns at your next job and the one after that and the one after that and….


In order to determine if it’s the job that’s making you miserable or what you’re contributing (or not contributing) to the equation, I recommend a little looking inward. I promise, you’ll thank me later.


Make a list of what you want in a job. This is harder than it sounds—and here’s a little story to illustrate the point. You might not know this about me, but I’m a recovering Netflix addict, and Fraiser was one of my favorite binges. In one episode, Frasier (the rather haughty 40-something psychiatrist, for those of you who just crawled out from under a rock!) has to learn to ride a bike. But each time he starts to peddle, he winds up focusing on a tree or a mailbox or a fire hydrant—any object he wants to avoid—which of course means he goes straight for it. Moral of the story: Focusing only on what you want to avoid doesn’t move you forward. Put in the context of  work: What you want in a job and what you want to avoid are rarely two sides of the same coin.


Make a list of how your IDEAL JOB will make you feel. This can be even harder to answer. Here are a few clues to help get you thinking:

  • What kind of people would I be working with?

  • How would my life be better?

  • How would my relationships shift?

  • How would I grow as a professional—and an individual?

  • How do I define success?

  • What would I like my first thought to be every morning?


Notice that none of the answers to these questions will lead you directly to a new job application. What they will do, however, is help you clarify your priorities and values. This is important because much of our discontent can come when our work, where we spend the majority of our time and brain cells, is at odds with what’s important to us.


After going through this process, I’ve had clients stay at their current job and fall back in love with their work, others who found new roles within their existing organization and still others who left to launch their own company. Sometimes all it takes is an attitude adjustment, sometimes it’s being able to recognize the cause of your unhappiness—and most times it’s all of the above. But in all cases, it takes time, patience, being honest with yourself and having the courage to face your truth.


If you want to learn more about how to decipher the job-versus-you signs, check out my free training webinar, Stop Hating Your Job and Be Happier at Work NOW. Space is limited, so if you’re interested, RSVP ASAP!


After all, taking a leap can be a good thing, as long as you can see what it is you’re leaping toward.





Hating Your Job? Want To Be Happier At Work?



Are you feeling drained, bored, resentful, and/or grouchy because you spend most of your time at a place that doesn’t fulfill you or treat you the way you deserve? 

Are you feeling checked out - even though checking out isn’t your style? Is this crummy situation beginning to affect your confidence, mood, relationships, and even your health? Unfortunately, you're not alone. The truth is that being unhappy at work is all too common. According to research...

  • 80% of workers aren't engaged in their work.
  • Only half of Americans said their organizations make them feel valued.
  • 1 out of 3 employees doesn't believe their employer is truthful.
  • 1 out of every 8 visits to the doctor is related to stress at work.

It doesn't have to be this way. Stop letting your bad job pervade the rest of your life. You can work happier and live better.  I know you can - because that's what I've been helping people do for 10+ years!

Too many of people are either waiting for something to change or are ready to quit in order to feel happier at work. But you have more control than you may think. 

On August 19th at 5:30 PST/8:30 EST I'm doing a no-cost training to help those who are feeling stranded and stuck in their careers called, STOP HATING YOUR JOB and BE HAPPIER AT WORK NOW.

In this training I'll teach you:

  • Three CRITICAL questions you MUST ask yourself before making any big decisions
  • The hidden and not so hidden signs that you're sabotaging your happiness and career
  • How to instantly shift your mood and behaviors so you can be more motivated, focused, and positive
  • Why ignoring the source of your problems is the worst thing you can do
  • The fastest method for identifying where you are stuck and what needs to change
  • How to discover what's most important to you and will bring you true fulfillment
  • The five part strategy for loving your work (and why passion, alone, isn't enough!)

You’re too talented (even if you may be doubting it at this point) and life is too short to spend most of your day in a situation that you resent, or worse, that's beginning to impact your health, your relationships, and quality of life.    

Don't waste another breath complaining, another hour looking for a dream job, or another year just getting by.  The work experience you desire, and life you want is available and waiting. 

Hope you love your job...but if not, join this training!  

In your corner, 

PS If you have any friends who are feeling miserable at work, please share this!


Why Don't We Always Follow Good Advice?



Have you ever gotten advice that you know could make your work or life easier, but strangely enough, you just don’t follow it?

Who hasn’t, right?! Chalk it up to human nature, right? Well, not so fast….

I want to share with you a wonderful story about finding a solution—followed by finding a solution that actually worked this time. The story has the best ending—with a fascinating moral nicely tucked in. It’s about a Lucky Iron Fish.

The story begins with a pretty big issue: At least 50% of the population of Cambodia was severely anemic due to their diet of mostly rice and fish (notoriously low sources of iron).

Chronic anemia (aka, iron deficiency) is very serious. It can lead to all sorts of medical problems, including premature birth, pregnancy complications, even death in some adults.

Enter Geometry Global, a Dubai-based company, which calls itself an “activation” agency, that was on a mission to solve this health crisis. And after lots of research, they did! It turns out that cooking with a small piece of iron for just 10 minutes could provide a family with 75% of their daily iron intake. It was a brilliant, low-cost, sustainable, eco-friendly solution!

Excited, they distributed smoothly crafted small blocks of iron to families all throughout Cambodia, complete with cooking instructions. And those families sure used their new iron blocks...for doorstops, paperweights, decorative objets—pretty much for everything but cooking.

Hmmm. Why wouldn't the Cambodians cook with this little iron block—especially since it could save lives?

Back to the drawing board the researchers went. This time, they studied Cambodian culture. One very common positive image they kept seeing was a fish—the cultural symbol of hope and good fortune.

That was it! Distribute the same amount of iron but this time in the shape of a lovely little fish. Lucky Fish! And poof, in less than nine months, iron deficiencies in Cambodia were markedly reduced by 50% and the population as a whole was healthier. Why? Because a “lucky fish” was something they could really relate to. Simple as that. And simply remarkable, since the Lucky Fish Project won this year’s Grand Prix for product design at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

The moral of the story? The best solutions aren’t solutions unless they speak to one’s values, character and resonate with what’s most important to you.

Watch this three-minute video of the Story of the Lucky Fish.

Then think about the “lucky fish” solutions you’ve come up with in the past—or, how you might arrive at ones in the future. Then email me—I would LOVE to hear about them! 

And if you’d like help finding a solution that works for YOU, e-mail me here. Then let’s hop on the phone....I’m opening up 7 spots in July for a 30-minute complimentary call to help you come up with your kind of solution. Get on it: first come, first served!

Wishing you the best of luck,


Don’t have time (or energy) for fun? Read my story.

Hey All!


Last time I wrote you, I mentioned that I was in Miami Beach, vacationing with family—and discussed how our relationships are the biggest predictor of our happiness. I even included a sunny photo of my immediate and extended family—all smiles!—to illustrate my point. Well, I'm back from “vacation.” And not a moment too soon…

This was my first vacation with Linor, our beloved seven-month-old daughter. I was so excited about this holiday—my first vacation to the beach in over two years! I was looking forward to my parents and in-laws getting to enjoy time with their precious granddaughter—and for my husband and me to enjoy some time off

In retrospect, I have to wonder, What planet was I on?!  

There were times in those two weeks when I was straight up miserable.Go to the beach, are you kidding? I was so exhausted taking care of Linor—in a “strange” place, a different time zone, her routine totally upended—I just wanted to sleep. But that would mean sleeping away my vacation! (Have I mentioned this was my first one in over two years?!) I actually cried to my husband—and that's when he offered up these amazing words of wisdom:

“Stella, we just have to start stealing moments for ourselves.”

Since Linor was adjusting to East Coast time, she was waking up two to three hours earlier than at home—which was really early, like around 5am! So, instead of being cranky and miserable, we decided to make the most of it and be the first ones on the beach. We took Linor and watched the sunrise, which in Florida is particularly beautiful. That’s when I snapped the above picture :).

Even though we only stayed for 20 minutes (because her next nap was coming up) still made all the difference.

For the first time in more than a week, I felt my mood lift. We’d had a beautiful morning with a sherbet-colored sky, a soft breeze, and our little lalka (that’s “doll” in Russian). We had just stolen a moment! Suddenly, I wasn’t resenting not getting to enjoy my vacation—but rather, I was looking forward to our next stolen moment! 

Do you see where I’m going with this?! Even when we get what we asked for, it doesn't always turn out the way we were expecting. And often, we have no control over that.

So, instead of measuring your lifetime in years, months, weeks, days, or even hours, you might try breaking time down into moments. And when you think about it, it takes many, many more moments to fill a lifetime. An infinite amount of moments—with a nearly endless amount of opportunities to go with them.

Stealing that moment on the beach for ourselves made all the difference. It gave us a wonderful sunrise together and something unexpected to look forward to: our next stolen moment, along with the awareness that things weren’t so bad. Stolen moments are like the gift that keeps on giving! And for the remainder of our vacation, we looked for moments to steal whenever we could.

It became a game for me...where else could I snatch up a piece of joy?

And here’s the thing about moments: They add up.

Before you know it, you have a pile of moments to string together to create a meaningful story…vacation…life!

Think about it: What moments could you be stealing for yourself? 

Please send me an email and tell me—I would love to hear about them!

With love,