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Addicted to job hunting online?

Are you ready to find your dream job... this year?

Do you sit there glued to the screen, hopes up, scrolling around on LinkedIn seeking an escape? Fantasizing about the possibilities?

Well, stop everything...and sign up for my free training on How to Find your Dream Job! It's only available this week!

Here's the unfortunate truth about job hunting online, there's no guarantee that whatever new opportunity you find won't land
you right back where you are (different job, same feeling).

A lot folks who aren't happy at work struggle with the fear that they'll just repeat the same pattern and so they begin to doubt their instincts.

Your instincts aren't the problem, you just need the right system for discerning between your truth, your values, other people's values, and fear.

Trying to figure out what you want by looking for jobs online is like looking for a needle in a haystack. That needle being your dream job and life.

And then when you're ready to actually apply, sometimes it just feels like you're sending your resume into a black hole.  

I'm not totally anti-online job hunting, it's just that most people are using it in the wrong way and at the wrong time.

The key, if you're really looking to find your dream job, is do the inner work first.

Once you do that, your search accelerates dramatically.

  •     You can make decisions faster
  •     You know how to sift through choices
  •     You know the right questions to ask
  •     You're confident about your instincts

And to do the inner work doesn't mean you have to go sit on a mountain top and retreat from civilization in silence for a week. It's actually
pretty simple.

I hope you take advantage of the free training I just created and am offering for this week only.

It's all about helping you find your dream job fast so you don't have to fantasize about being happier, more engaged and actually excited by
what you do...

You get to live it.

In the training I teach you how to:

  • How to avoid three major job hunting traps that lead to self sabotage, settling for unexciting options, and being unfulfilled.
  • The step by step formula for getting clear on what you really want to do so that you wake up feeling excited for your day instead of snoozing with dread.  
  • A system to network efficiently so you're not wasting time, feeling awkward, and attending a bunch of random events instead of having dinner with loved ones.
  • How to stay positive and resilient so that you don't give up, get discouraged, and make a decision out of fear.

If you're ready to stop doubting yourself and being OK with a crappy situation, and step into a future that excites you, that inspires you, that makes you feel like yourself again - let's do it!

Hope you join me for my new online free training, How to Find Your Dream Job in 2017 - I'm offering this exclusive webinar at multiple times, so grab your spot here.




Feel Like you're Wasting Away In The Wrong Job?

Hey there,

Ever get to work, sit down, see 400 emails that came in overnight and wonder if this will ever end?

If your seven year old self met you today... would the younger version of you be proud and think you're cool?

Most people I work with are good at what they do, but it's not what brings them alive. It doesn't make their soul sing, it actually kinda is killing it slowly. I spent a lot of time (and a few careers) feeling that way...

When I was working in advertising, I remember sitting in on a focus group of moms talking about Goldfish crackers. I had been in a dark room all day long, munching on M&Ms, listening to the nuances of toddler snack time.  

I couldn't take it anymore.

So I escaped to the bathroom where I sat quietly in the ugly pink tiled stall and burst into tears. It's there where I spoke to God, or rather pleaded, "there's got to be more than this."

Looking at it from the outside there was no reason for my misery. I was doing great in brand strategy. I was recognized and even got several awards from my clients and my agency. I worked with nice people (who I still keep in touch with). But waking up to go to work each day was just getting harder and harder and I couldn't figure it out.

For the first time in my life, I didn't care about my work so I gave 80% instead over achieving with gusto at 150%. I couldn't energize or get motivated like I used to. And I was so confused because I worked so hard to get into this job, and now I didn't know what I really wanted.

It took me 10 years after my conversation with God in that tiny pink tiled bathroom to finally, with confidence, say, I'm living my dream life and have created my dream career.

It took a long time because I did a lot of trial and error. I spent many nights lost in thought. I did endless informational interviews. I networked like crazy. And I got a Masters Degree in the Science of Happiness just to figure out what it means to live the good life.

But looking back now, it didn't have to be that way. And it doesn't have to take you that long, either.

Here's the REAL REASON why we get trapped in our jobs...

Most people aren't taught how to figure out what we want. And it's a REAL SKILL.

So that's why I'm writing. If you also find yourself escaping to the bathroom to have conversations with God, you just feel a little lost in your career, or you just know it's gotta be better than this...

Let's fix this. Don't wait. Don't let it get worse. And don't spend tons of time and money and heart ache (like me) trying to figure it out alone.  

You are better than this! You deserve more! There is no reason you should not be able to wake and love your life, your job and your progress.

Your dream job and life is much CLOSER to you than you think.  

I've developed a system to help you get clear and feel confident about what's next...and I'd love to share it with you. But only if you're committed to making a change.

If you're ready to be happier, seriously, whole heartedly, soul-singing happier, let's talk! I'd love to share my system with you and guide you in how to navigate where you are. I've made space for a few 30 minute complimentary strategy sessions. And it's yours... if you just book it now (first come, first served).

Book your call here  and answer a few questions about yourself - so I can be prepared for our call. Then find 30 minutes on my calendar that works for you!

That's it.  

I'm excited for you...hope to chat soon.



P.S. You don't need to wait 10 years like I did in order to have a happy work life. There is a simple formula that will help you so can stop feeling like you are wasting away in the wrong job & get the life you want. Here's that link again.


My aha while changing diapers

Hey there

Last night was I was woken up by my two year old daughter. It was tough for me to get back to sleep because I was so excited by what happened.

What she's been struggling with is something we all struggle with (and this is not about bladder control). 

Here's a 3 minute video about my aha...and hopefully how it can help you.

And by the way, I still have some spots open in January for a complimentary 30 minutes strategy session.

Sign up here for your free strategy session if...

  • Your career is feeling kinda blah
  • Your job sucks, and you're ready for a change
  • You're experiencing angst and don't know why

Hope you enjoy the video (and that this wasn't just a mommy moment that only makes sense to me).

Talk soon!


My 30 second morning routine to stay productive

Hi  there!
I was recently asked by a reader to share my morning routine ... so here it is, in this video.

Key points about this short video:

  •     I don't like routine!
  •     It only takes about 30 seconds
  •     When I don't do this, I feel like I'm in a daze so this exercise keeps me organized and present
  •     (And, this is what I look like without make-up and with a stuffy nose)

I strongly recommend this particular practice to my executive coaching clients when they report feeling unfocused and overwhelmed.

Let me know what you think! And if YOU have any questions you want me to answer.



A simple exercise to help you stay hopeful about the future

Hi there,

Whether you're grateful that Donald Trump won or devastated, now is the time for us to open to new possibilities.

Regardless of the outcome you desired, it's clear that our nation has been in a high state of anxiety and fear.

And usually such emotion spurs us to shut down, narrow in, and play it safe.   

In fact, just yesterday a client of mine told me that she's considering leaving the country - and instead of going after her dream job - just finding an opportunity to pay the bills.

I get it. Really, I do.

But it's in these kinds of times that we must stand in the discomfort and deny the urge to escape or go numb.

It's in uncertain moments where we have the greatest opportunity to open to new ways of seeing, being, understanding - to GROW.

It's NOW that we must lead with our hearts - more than ever.

If you're not sure what your heart is telling you about the future, here's an exercise you might enjoy. It's called a Vision Generator - and it will help you get excited and clear about what's to come. You can the exercise download here.

And know this: Researchers have found that our happiness is indeed influenced by circumstances outside of our control - but the impact is actually pretty small, only about 10%.

50% of our happiness is influenced by our genetics and the personality we're born with.

But guess what? A whopping 40% of your happiness in IN YOUR CONTROL. It's based on your choices -  the thoughts you think and the decisions you make.

If you want some help taking control of your happiness and to talk about your future, I'd be honored to support you.

I've made a few spots available on my calendar before the holiday for a complimentary strategy session - you can book 30 minutes for us to chat here.

With much love and hope,